Special Edition TiN Low Mass 5.56×45(223) Competition Carrier Only *HYBRID* NEW FOR 2019


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*Special Edition TiN Coated Hybrid Carrier Only* – Features our Proprietary PVD TiN treatment on the outside – Blacknitride+ Treatment that we all know and love on the inside! This carrier is aesthetically pleasing, while providing all the protection on all the internal components that Blacknitride+ provides!
Blacknitride+ Enhanced internal treatment
8.9oz  complete
Made lighter for less felt recoil
Includes Firing Pin Retaining Pin
A major player on the 3Gun scene the RCA low mass BCG is compatible with all AR15 platform systems. Made from 8620 steel Treated with H&M’s proprietary PVD TiN on the outside, and finished with H&M’s Blacknitride+ treatment on the inside.

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