Dealer Information:

Here at Rubber City Armory, our dealers are very important to us.
Our continually growing customer base is the best measure of our success. Our firearm enthusiasts depend on Rubber City Armory and our dealers play a prominent role in building this all-important relationship.

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About Our Products:

RCA has developed a revolutionary treatment eliminating the need for excessive oil or grease on tactical components for the life of the weapon.
Only our high performance parts go through a rigorous BlackNitradePlus℠ process that includes:


RCA uses a proprietary thermal process that aligns the
steel's crystalline structure to increase strength,
hardness and wear properties which extends the
life of the tactical component.



We bind a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene to
each part to reduce friction and improve wear.



Much more than typical parkerizing, phosphating or black oxide,
BlackNitriding℠ is a thermal chemical diffusion of nitrogen and carbon
into the surface of the steel.
Only Rubber City Armory High Performance Parts
have increased wear-resistance, fatigue strength,
corrosion resistance, lubricity and cosmetic appeal.