Our Genesis:

Being shooters ourselves –
we saw the need for a better surface treatment than what was currently being offered on AR-15

and other firearm parts. This translated into making bolt carrier groups of our own choice,
with our premium surface treatment, setting us apart from the rest.
This has led us to further innovate into lightweight designs,
making use of the latest technology, and surface treatments available.

Our Quality

We stand behind every part we manufacture, and strive to give you the best product for your hard earned dollars. The firearms market is flooded with both good and bad parts – we want every customer to be a REPEAT customer because of our commitment to quality, and customer service

Who We Are:

First and foremost, we are passionate about our Second Amendment Rights, The Shooting Industry, and American Manufacturing. We take strides to sponsor the shooting sports, getting the next generation involved to help ensure the Second Amendment remains intact for the future. We care about the customer – because we are customers too.

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