RCA 9mm PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) BCG Complete


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Introducing the RCA 9mm PCC BCG!

Purpose-built for 9mm AR-15 pistol caliber carbines, our PCC blow-back carriers keep the features most blow-back style carriers offer, but with some additional modern improvements.  We maintain the dual COLT/GLOCK compatible geometry, user-removable weight, and full-auto compatibility, but with a few new features.

The extractor is an AR-15 pivoted and sprung design, made from billet steel material – not metal injection molded.
For ease of disassembly, a standard firing pin cotter pin is used.
Stainless Steel firing pin with spring to prevent slam firing.
**The carrier key is integrated into the BCG itself – no sheared key fasteners to worry about!
**Most important of all is our Blacknitride+ patented isotropic process, rendering the use of “coating” processes (like chrome, NiB, DLC) that artificially smooth surfaces completely unnecessary. This will be the smoothest blow-back PCC BCG you’ll find bar none! Carbon and grime doesn’t have a place to collect on this BCG resulting in longer run times between maintenance, even in the worst conditions.

Blacknitride+ Enhanced Heat Treat Finish,
Stainless Steel Firing Pin and spring
Standard AR-15 Firing Pin Retaining Pin.
Carrier material: Heat Treated 8620
Tool steel AR-15 style extractor w/ spring and o-ring installed.
14.1 oz with weight installed.